Olympian Tool, LLC

Innovative Tooling Solutions

Manufactured in America with Precision & Pride for Over 40 Years

Olympian Tool has delivered custom tooling solutions and close-tolerance CNC machining services since 1978. Based in St. Johns, Michigan, our precision machine shop is renowned as one of America’s leading providers of optimized tooling capabilities for advanced industrial applications including aerospace, electronics and automotive.

Versatile Machining & Manufacturing Solutions Built on Precision

When you're good, you grow

We began in 1978 with five employees working with two mills, a lathe and a surface grinder in a 900-square-foot building.

Now, 40 years later, our facility is a large complex. Our equipment list is a bit longer, too. But the biggest reason for all these changes is the one simple thing that has not changed: our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ need for accuracy, affordability and timeliness.

Olympian Tool. It’s where demanding customers–like you–have it made!

Perhaps the best reason to choose Olympian Tool goes beyond what we do; it involves whom we do it for. After all, promises are made with words. But longtime customer relationships are made with performance. And we’ve performed for some of the most respected names in the industries we serve.

Olympian Tool is a first-tier supplier for some of the most respected manufacturing companies in the region–names you know–suppliers to the automotive industry and many others. In several cases, these relationships go back for well over 20 years.

The Most Important Custom Machined Part...Yours!

It's pretty simple, actually. You need a perfect part, every time. That's what it takes to remain competitive in today's business environment and it's what you'll get from Olympian Tool. We've built our reputation upon manufacturing critical parts for machine tooling applications in a variety of industries.

There is no one "typical" part made by Olympian Tool. For over 40 years, we have supplied our clients with custom tooling for virtually every industrial application, including machine tool parts, gauges, fixtures, dies and more. In the process, we've served a diverse range of precision-based industries, with special concentrations in automotive, electronics and aerospace.

Often, we are asked to make single or short-run parts, but the common thread for all of our tooling and machining services is precision. It is our attention to exact detail and close tolerances that makes us a preferred provider for so many well-respected companies, and it is what makes us certain that Olympian Tool can become your one-stop tooling and machine shop solution.