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Precision CNC Milling Services

Olympian Tool delivers versatile 3-axis CNC machining solutions to tackle your large and small CNC milling projects with precision. Our state-of-the-art metalworking shop is outfitted with a complete range of close-tolerance machining centers including some of the industry’s most advanced vertical CNC mills and horizontal boring mills.

Our streamlined range of CNC equipment combined with our unparalleled engineering expertise and craftsmanship enables Olympian Tool to deliver superior custom machining solutions for all of your precision products and prototypes.

Large CNC Milling Component Machining

Olympian Tool offers large CNC milling services capable of handling industrial component machining and other large custom parts production. Our advanced machining facility has the equipment to mill, bore, drill and cut precision machined parts to your exacting specifications.

Additionally, we provide innovative engineering and design solutions that enable us to optimize your custom large components and product designs for improved manufacturability. Our industry-leading expertise in large CNC milling allows us to offer unbeatable quality, cost and efficiency.

Small CNC Milling Part Machining

Olympian Tool offers small CNC milling solutions for both prototyping applications and full-scale production runs of dimensionally small precision components. Our versatile CNC machining tools are optimized for small CNC milling solutions, enabling us to deliver reliable on-time manufacturing at consistently affordable prices.

Outfitted with Machining Industry’s Most Advanced CNC Milling Equipment

CNC Machining Centers

  • 2 Haas VF-4 Machining Centers – Table 50 x 50 x 25
  • 1 Haas VF 3 Machining Center – Table 40 x 20 x 25
  • 2 Haas VF 2 Machining Center – Table 36 x 16 x 20
  • 1 Haas VF1 Machining Center – Table 20 x 16 x 18
  • 1 Mazak VTC16B Machining Centers – Table 57 x 20 x 20
  • 3 Mazak AJV Machining Centers –Table 57 x 24 x 20
  • 1 Haas VS-3 Machining Center – Travel 150 x – 50 y – 50 z

Horizontal Machining and Boring Mills

  • 1 DeVlieg 3H-72 Boring Mill – Table 72 x 48, CNC A/B 8200 control
  • 1 DeVlieg 4K-72 Boring Mill – Table 72 x 60, CNC Fagar 8055-I control
  • 1 DeVlieg 4B-72 Boring Mill – Table 72 x 48, 3 Axis Sony Readouts
  • 1 DeVlieg 4B-72 Boring Mill – Table 72 x 60, 3 Axis ACU-Rite Readouts
  • 1 DeVlieg 4K-120 Boring Mill – Table 120 x 60, 3 Axis Sony Readouts
  • 1 Kearney Trecker Horizontal Mill 12 x 42

Vertical CNC Machining Mills

  • 3 Bridgeport Mills with full 3 Axis CNC
  • 1 Kearney Trecker Vertical Mill 12 x 42
  • 1 Kearney Trecker Vertical Mill 18 x 48
  • 3 Bridgeport Mills with power feeds and readouts
  • 2 South Western Industries Trak DPM SX5 Mill – Table 40 x 20 x 20
  • 1 Cincinnati - #5 Vertical Dual Power - Table 20 x 94.5, 3 axis Newall Dp8 readouts

For Precision CNC Milling Solutions Large and Small, Olympian Tool Is Your One-Stop Machine Shop

If your products or prototypes could benefit from expert CNC grinding services that meet the tightest of custom precision tolerances, get in touch with our product experts to discuss the unique requirements of your manufacturing project.


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