Olympian Tool, LLC

Precision and Quality Is CNC Machined into the DNA of Your Custom Components

At Olympian Tool we strive to deliver unparalleled quality and consistency through all of our precision manufacturing services.

We specialize in CNC machining high-quality tools that perform in accordance with your exact close tolerances and custom specifications. Our tooling experts meticulously test and inspect all of our tools for both quality and functionality in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled inspection room, outfitted with a range of the tooling industry’s most capable testing technology.

Advanced Inventory and Tracking Solutions

No modern CNC machine shop and custom tooling provider would be complete without providing efficient inventory control and tracking solutions along with their manufacturing services. That’s why Olympian Tool operates an advanced, real-time digital tracking system, enabling your business to completely streamline its parts ordering and shipping processes.

Our inventory system is engineered to provide total accuracy, utilizing the latest JobBoss software tracking system. Throughout our decades in operation, the efficiency of our inventory control system has led some of our customers to forego the inspection of parts inbound from Olympian Tool, moving them directly from "dock to stock".

How does our precision machine shop maintain this uncommon level of trust with leading parts providers around the world? It is due to our advanced internal inspection procedures, which we have developed and refined since 1978. Our quality control experts conduct extensive checks on every part before it leaves our production facility, ensuring that it meets or exceeds every specification and performance target supplied by our customers.

Precision Product Testing and Inspection Services

We have a climate-controlled inspection room and extensive inspection equipment, including granite surface plates, gauges and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines). Some additional equipment highlights of our precision quality control department include:

  • 1 DEA Gama CMM – CNC – CMM Manager 3.4
  • 1 B & S MicroVal CMM
  • 1 J & L EPIC 114 Optical Comparator
  • 4 Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage
  • 6 Hultgren Gage Block Sets
  • 8 0 – 6 Mitutoyo Mic Sets
  • 2 0 – 20 Mitutoyo Mic Sets
  • 1 0 – 40 Mitutoyo Inside Mic
  • 2 12 x 24 Starrett Surface Plates – Grade “A”
  • 2 24 x 36 Starrett Surface Plates – Grade “A”
  • 2 36 x 36 Starrett Surface Plates – Grade “A”
  • 4 Sets Mitutoyo Digimatic Bore Gauges
  • 2 Sets Meier Gage Pins up to .625 by .0005