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Precision Machine Tooling Services Optimized for Your Custom Parts and Prototypes

With Olympian Tool's innovative machining expertise and advanced design software capabilities, we can develop your custom tooling needs in house – no matter how close-tolerance and complex. Our precision tooling services are fine-tuned to your unique production application to deliver superior manufacturing results in quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness.

Precision-Machined Parts and Prototypes Begin with Precision-Engineered Tooling Solutions

Outfitting your production equipment with custom precision tooling is the key to manufacturing quality machined parts and prototypes. Precision-engineered tooling is absolutely paramount if your components require custom close-tolerance designs and specifications.

Olympian Tool offers a complete range of in-house tool-making capabilities to design, optimize and deliver the most effective custom tooling required for your production.

Our State-of-the-Art Custom Tool-Making Facility

The Olympian Tool facility is outfitted with a range of CNC mills and lathes equipped to machine parts from .060 up to 48″ in length while adhering to ±0.001″ tolerances. Our cutting-edge CNC machining centers utilize both EIA and Conversational language. Our machinist can also develop custom programming offline using Mastercam Version 2018 Level 2 and BobCAD 31. Our precision tooling design department is capable of converting ASCII, DXF, Solids, and IGES files by way of either Mastercam, AutoCAD 2000 and BobCAD-CAM.

Superior Custom Tooling Products Through Superior CNC-Based Craftsmanship

Developing custom tooling solutions requires expert machinists and fabricators outfitted with industry’s most state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Our dedicated toolmakers are some of the finest craftsmen in the business, backed by decades of combined experience and tool-making innovation. Additionally, our tooling department utilizes some of the most advanced CNC machining and fabrication technology in the tooling industry, including wire EDM (electro discharge machining) and precision grinding capabilities.

Olympian Tool Provides the Precision Tooling Services to Streamline Your Close-Tolerance Parts and Prototypes to Production

Contact our tooling experts to discuss how your products or prototypes could benefit from the state-of-the-art wire EDM services offered by Olympian Tool’s precision fabrication center.


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